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Yes, I’m Writing Here

So far, it has been about a month since I’ve declared my resolutions, and I’m totally rocking them. I’m writing in this thing. I can now do a pull up and a half. And the only time I missed jumping rope is over the two days I suffered from a wildly unpleasant stomach virus. I will spare the four of you the details, but suffice it to say I actually went to the doctor and even took the meds she recommended. Me, the chica who refuses to take an advil. I must be growing.

So there’s that. Today, there was also this:

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve had food issues for most of my life. Even when I ate “what I wanted” I felt bad about it and would proceed to spend anywhere between 1 hour and three days in front of the mirror wondering how much weight I gained from the 2.5 slices of pizza. OK, 5 slices.

Blame it on growing up on Long Island. I certainly do.

I’ve managed to get everything under control: I exercise almost daily in a manner that I enjoy (read: zero time running), I mostly eat clean and balanced, and, while I won’t be plastering nudies of me around Tel Aviv any time soon, I finally love my reflection. I even stopped asking my brother (who is also  my roomie) every two days if I got fat. This is no easy task, but here I am. 

I’m proud that I can eat deliciousness, but more importantly I’m proud that I can eat 81 calories of refined sugar and saturated fat and enjoy it. And I don’t mean in that Jewish way where we love what’s bad for us because we crave that guilty feeling we get after. But because I actually flat out enjoy it. So, just like any normal person in society these days I selfied the sh*t out of that magnificent moment. And then I uploaded it to the social drug media platform of my choice. 

Twenty minutes later I get a Whatsapp from a really close friend of mine: “Wth is that picture? You’re so much prettier than that, you should delete the pic. I say this out of love.” I love my friend, but this is a girl who is very different from me. She’s the kind who puts on her face to go buy milk and who won’t dance too crazily in a club, even if it’s her favorite song, because maybe someone’s watching. She even told me that I should wake up a half hour earlier every day while I was juggling a part time job and a dual degree program to do my hair and make up when my sleep budget was already mostly relegated to class time. 

This is not me. Never was, never will be. I love the occasional dress up, but sometimes life is just sitting in your bathrobe without foundation eating Nutella from the container. With your fingers because spoons are too bourgoise. These moments should be celebrated, not stowed away in the bottom drawer of shame.

When we’re told to hide these slivers (slabs?) of ourselves, we’re actually being told that we should only show us to be our perfect selves. That it’s not ok to be less than, even though that is the very definition of being human.

Well, I’m raising my shaker to being human. Cheers.

You know you’re an addict when you sot in the sukkah and all you can think of is working on your pullups.

You know you’re an addict when you sot in the sukkah and all you can think of is working on your pullups.

My Jew Year’s Resolutions

It is 05:30. I cannot sleep. Clearly better, longer sleep should be on my to do list of self betterment, but sleeping is like pooping, sometimes it just doesn’t happen when you think it should.

However, there are things that are under my control, such as fitness and nutrition. I’ve decided that this year I will not focus on my weight or the presence/absence of washboard abs (a resolution I’m sure will last all of five minutes), as these will come as I focus on my goals to maintain a truly healthy lifestyle. To that end, here are my goals:

  1. Jump rope every day for at least five minutes. Having just recently completed Todd Kuslikis’ 30 Day Jump Rope Challenge, I realized that I can always fit in 5 minutes of jump rope. So I am now challenging myself, and whoever wants to join me, to jump my way through 5775.
  2. Complete 10 strict, dead-hang pull-ups. WIth a lot of help from Manuel over at Motus Virtue, I can already do one. What’s nine more? That’s less than one extra pull up per month.
  3. Five full range headstand pushups against a wall. I can do five half-range headstand pushups, and one full negative.
  4. Hold a 30 freestanding handstand. I can average a minute against the wall, and a two minute yoga headstand against the wall. This should be totally doable with consistent practice.
  5. I want to say learn one cool calisthenic trick, such as the front elbow lever or human flag, but I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. Still will invest in this awsome package after my next paycheck and then go mad with information overload.

Non-fitness things I’d like to accomplish this year are:

  1. Pick a degree that would satisfy me mentally and emotionally. Something I could make a career of and not want to kill myself studying (ahem, engineering). Currently looking into a sports and wellness program at Wingate Institute.
  2. Work on my business idea. I really do have one, but it’s a secret right now. And it has nothing to do with that time I spent in Jewish Circus Camp.
  3. Write more. And not just to update on my progress in three months time, but for real real. But also to update on my progress in three months time. Because now we’re accountabili-buddies.

I wish everyone a fruitful 5775 (holla for palindrome year!). Would love to hear what your goals are for the upcoming year!

A Happy New Year

Tonight is Rosh HaShana, the Jewish new year. I have my kindle primed and ready with some fitness reading and a few novels. Maybe I’ll finally get around to finishing Lolita. Also have Dante’s Inferno waiting for me, as well as some feminist literature. And a lot more fitness reading. Can’t wait to take the time to nerd out.

Beyond all the reading, Rosh HaShana is a time to reflect upon our lives and the direction we are going in. After the holiday, I will have my resolutions ready. And I will share them with you, my dear three readers, because it’s all about accountability.

Until then, a sweet new year to everyone!

Two weeks ago, three boys were kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists. Their bodies were found today. All we wanted was for them to #bringbackourboys 

Two weeks ago, three boys were kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists. Their bodies were found today. All we wanted was for them to #bringbackourboys